S.O. ‘So It Continues’ Review

S.O. 'So It Continues Album Review

S.O. is the type of artist who writes music you can’t help but love. Previously releasing 2 free projects, ‘The 5 Solas’ Mix-Tape and the ‘So It Begins’ album, S.O. has continually brought theologically sound, God focused lyrics with real Hip Hop beats.

The album starts with the title track ‘So It Continues,’ a mellow and reflective song on which S.O. shared the story of his father’s death and how it impacted him as a young man. From this I think i got where S.O. is coming from with the theme for this album… The sovereignty of God and believing and trusting in Him no matter the circumstance.

Sean C. Johnson lends his soulful too one of the grooviest Hip Hop songs out there right now, ‘Away Soon’. A song that caused me to think about that day when I’m going to see God face to face… I also found the line “I’m blessed I don’t mean that material wealth, Gods gift to us is Him giving Himself” as a wake up call reminding myself of what’s really important.

‘Memoirs’ is a song on which S.O. opens up about a friend who has departed form the faith. In a time where many people seem to be losing their faith, this song comes as relevant, real and heart-felt song that will encourage those who have family and friends who have stopped living for God but hopefully even more so lift the heads of those who have lost faith and need to be reconciled to God… “If the scenes that i’ve seen is true, it’s like you’ve gone back to some peas and soup, when you had the whole feast that was feesable you stopped the race and gave up between me and you…”

‘Radical’ was a song I couldn’t wait to hear as it features my favourite UK RnB voice, J. Williams and Reach Records very own Lecrae. S.O. takes on an off the beat flow that has a great swing to it while Lecrae brings his intensity while J.Williams’ pure, rich tone…

My favourite song on ‘So It Continues’ is ‘I Am’ featuring shai linne. Fans of hard, driving Hip Hop beats will love this… This is a Hip Hop anthem and serves as an encouragement and reminder of who God is… “I’m serving the I’am that I Am, before Abraham was yes the I Am, the bridegroom of the church or the God-man, the true ruler of earth is the I Am.”

S.O. comes with fire on ‘Tell Em All’ which has an energetic flow where his passion about evangelism and in his own words “I’m spreading the message I know the world needs.” Andy Mineo features on the chorus taking on a sing/rap approach.

‘Yesterday’ is a song that just about every Christian can relate too. ‘Yesterday’ represents that period when our walk with God is great but something (maybe sin, temptation, loss of faith etc) causes us to lose that connection with God. Getting back to ‘Yesterday’ is actually getting back into a right relationship with God.

S.O. has come back with a great album… ‘So It Continues’. He’s transparent on the album and shares his own views on life, it’s struggles bust most of all his passion for God and reaching people for Him.

S.O. has a way of including scripture in his songs that if you’re the type of person that thinks that the Bible is irrelevant will quickly see it’s relevance and also application in every day living.

From a musical perspective, there’s a plethora of melodic Hip Hop grooves and banging beats with enough diversity and musicality to appeal to the die hard Hip Hop fan as well the general music lover.

‘So It Continues’ has a story to tell and provokes thought about the life you want to live… Knowing that God will never give me more than ‘I Can Bear’ brings a peace while the thought of Heaven causes me to look forward to being ‘Away Soon,’ back with God in heaven. I’ve become so encouraged that I’ve become ‘Radical’ and now want to ‘Tell Em All’ about the ‘I Am’. I’ve been inspired to go back to my first love (God)… My ‘Yesterday’ and to live with ‘Passion & Purity’ until ‘The End’ but until then, when I think about my faith and my journey, all that comes to mind is… ‘So It Continues’.

Track List:

  • So It Continues
  • Lamentations feat. Leah Smith
  • I Can Bear
  • Away Soon feat. Sean C. Johnson
  • Memoirs
  • Radical feat. J. Williams, Lecrae
  • I Am feat. shai linne
  • Walk In The Son II
  • Tell Em All feat. Andy Mineo
  • You Know It feat. E Tizz
  • Elisabeth’s Interlude
  • Yesterday
  • Passion & Purity
  • The End?


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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