Salliefoyeh ‘Beautiful’ EP Review

Salliefoyeh Beautiful EP Review

The UK Christian/Gospel scene is predominantly made up of Praise & Worship leaders and rappers so the ‘Beautiful’ EP by new singer/songwriter Salliefoyeh who is offering her own brand of organic Soul is welcomed with open arms.

The use of live instruments gives the ‘Beautiful’ EP a distinct, warm feel bringing the listener right into the musical experience with every nuance, trill and fill. From ‘Autumn Leaves,’ a dynamic song that starts with emotive guitar and smooth vocals builds to driving syncopation while harmonies add colour and warmth and the real message of the song hits home; that even when the season changes and things seemingly take a turn for the worst that God is there… “Autumn leaves are falling down, I have no reason to frown, because of you… Skies are grey, the earth is cold, there’s a fire inside that makes me bold because of you…” and that even “summer would be cold without You…”

‘Beautiful’ is the EP’s title track and on first listen immediately felt warmer and sounded tighter than the previous track. Expressing how ‘Beautiful’ God is by how she’s seen Him operate in her life Salliefoyeh shares on the bridge “You are strong enough… I will boast in You… It is when I’m weak, Lord You shine through…” As a 3-track project it began to feel like after ‘Autumn Leaves’ the listener would already know what Salliefoyeh has to offer as ‘Beautiful’ (while it was a step up) didn’t offer anything drastically different. However her artistry kicked in and in an endearing and vulnerable way she opened up towards the end of the song adlibbing and allowing us to hear her range even though her vocal wasn’t as strong in the higher register.

The EP closes with ‘Questions,’ the song that feels most personal and relatable on the EP and the song that seems to give the most genuine snapshot of Salliefoyeh as a writer, singer and performer as she sings “Can I be beautiful, can I be everything I wanted to be? Can I be free? Will these chains ever lose their grip on me? Does this story have a happy ending? Will this empty space ever be filled? Do I end up loving myself or will the scars never heal…”

The ‘Beautiful’ EP is a strong introduction for Salliefoyeh as an artist with something to offer, whose songs have meaning, depth and the ability to be stripped back to just vocals and acoustic guitar and be just as powerful and impacting.

It’s hard not to think that ‘Beautiful’ would have been better as an acoustic offering. At times Salliefoyeh’s vocals get lost seemingly unable to match the dynamics of the band (but that could just be a mix issue). The musical arrangements are raw and unpolished and lacks a depth of production and this lets the EP down but on a positive gives listeners an idea of where Salliefoyeh is going as an artist (creatively) and also of what to expect from a live performance. However, when all is said and done Salliefoyeh’s voice will turn the ear of even the most discerning music lover and while there are moments where her breath is short and her diction makes some words unintelligible, this is the result of an artist that is pouring out songs from the heart that mean something and is connected to the words she are singing. She may not be the finished article yet but Salliefoyeh is definitely one to watch and very soon (with the right development and creative partnerships) will flourish and maybe be the UK Christian/Gospel music scene’s answer to the likes of India Irie and Lauryn Hill et al.

Track List:

  • Autumn Leaves
  • Beautiful
  • Questions


Reviewed By Matt Brooks 

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