Sidney Mohede & True Worshippers Prepare For LIVE Recording In Indonesia…

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Sidney Mohede is one of the Asian continent’s most well known worship leaders and along with his church, Jakarta Praise Community Church (known as True Worshippers for the worship ministry), will record a new album titled ‘Favour’ on 21st March 2012. Described by Mohede himself as “A new chapter, new songs and fresh new anointing from God.”

The recording will take place with 7000 people in attendance all glorifying God and spreading the good news of Jesus in a country (Indonesia) where Christianity is still growing and the leading religion/faith/belief is Islam.

True Worshippers was established in 1996 as some young adults had encounters with the Holy Spirit. Their lives were then rebuilt on the truths and those youngsters became extremely passionate about God. As they gathered to seek God, there was an extreme manifestation of the Holy Spirit and they were renewed each day. More and more people came to join them and each was as thirsty for the presence of God in their lives. In early 1997 God sent some of the most talented singers and musicians into this community, and together they produced an album which later entitled ..Penyembah Yang Benar.. (True Worshippers). The name was then chosen to represent the praise and worship team under the leadership of Jakarta Praise Community Church.

After the release of the first album, the response toward the youth movement was overwhelming; people from across the nations began to notice the change in the Christian youth community. The team grew in the knowledge of God and released their next albums. Those includes the solo albums by Sari Simorangkir, Sidney Mohede, Nindy Ellesse, and ‘Giving My Best‘.

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    RT @mbriomusic: #News @SidMohede & @TrueWorshippers Prepare For LIVE Recording In #Indonesia March 2012: #Worship

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    RT @mbriomusic: #News @SidMohede & @TrueWorshippers Prepare For LIVE Recording In #Indonesia March 2012: #Worship

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  6. Can’t wait for the new True Worshippers Indonesia album with Sidney Mohede – It’s going to be amazing. Wish we…

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