Sleep For Dreaming ‘Memories’ EP Review

Sleep For Dreaming Memories EP Review

Sleep For Dreaming released their EP ‘Memories’ in June 2013. In just two years time, Sleep For Dreaming have blossomed from a burgeoning upstart to one of the southwest’s (USA) brightest buzz bands thanks to an infectious and inventive sound that’s equal parts Pop/Punk, Modern Rock and Indie inclined.

‘Memories’ starts in 5th gear accelerating with tight, punchy and hard-hitting drums strong guitar lines and a strong melody fusing Punk Rock and Pop music styles creating something you can “rock out” too without sacrificing good lyrics and a strong catchy melody to do so. Listening to this activated the internal Instagram in my mind reminiscing on “Memories like photographs inside my mind, reflections of the summer time…”

Musically I loved ‘Satellites,’ the bright acoustic guitars and atmospheric electric guitar lines, smooth vocal approach contrasting with drums which still pound through the song changing grooves nicely to help build the song. At first I was trying to find a hidden meaning to this song but I gave up after coming to the conclusion that ‘Satellites’ is Punk/Rock love song about a girl who is so amazing that the entire universe knows about it… “I saw you in the moonlight… You looked so beautiful, like your world made sense… I saw you in the moonlight… And the satellites and the full Mon saw, how amazing you are…”

‘Something Greater’ starts off sounding like something Lifehouse would create; very open, atmospheric and with great lyrics. “I can feel something, bigger than me… Colouring my thoughts, all of my dreams… Sounds like a whisper on a lonely street… Resounding the darkness like a symphony.” This is a song of seeking and searching and will give the listener some questions that only God can answer.

“In Your Arms’ is a totally different vibe to the rest of the EP with atmospheric, acoustic driven production which is a stark contrast to the hard hitting EP opener and shows versatility to the band’s sound which (in the context of a full album) would make for a comprehensive album.

‘Memories’ was a great introduction to Sleep For Dreaming. Their music isn’t overtly Christian, although they do introduce listeners to the concept of ‘Something Greater’. If you’re looking for some good Punk/Rock/Pop with themes of love, youth, experience and ‘Memories’ you’ll enjoy the EP.

Track List:

  • Memories
  • Satellites
  • Something Greater
  • In Your Arms


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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