Features: Soul Singer Anna Omak Is ‘Traveling Light’

Soul Singer Anna Omak Is 'Travelling Light'

London based singer songwriter Anna Omak has released her debut album ‘Traveling Light’. She has sung with the likes of Mary J Blige, Westlife and even rubbed shoulders with Sting. This time she takes centre stage and starts her own exciting journey telling her own story in her own words.

‘Traveling Light’ features six songs that are from the heart of the writer and can connect with just about anyone touching on the themes of love, loss, self worth and hope in a unique and fascinating way.

These themes have come from Omak’s personal live and are the fruit of having to overcome many mountains to get where she is today. Growing up in an African house-hold she started singing in church, leading the choir and playing the drums. She realised she had a natural flair for music and after finishing university went to study at Berklee College of Music for a year where she soon found out that she needed much tougher skin for such a competitive and cut throat industry. She came back to London after running out of money – with her dream seemingly shattered she reached a real low point in her life.

‘Traveling Light’ marks Anna Omak’s resurgence; a musical exploration of her experiences and life lessons during that time and really gives the listener little priceless nuggets and secrets to hold onto on this rollercoaster called life. With top producers like Femi Temowo (Amy Winehouse, Soweto Kinch)Dan Storey (Alesha Dixon, Mutya Buena) and Gavin Holligan (Shola Ama) this is a project Omak has put together a project that she hopes will become a modern masterpiece.

This gifted singer songwriter has left audiences spellbound across London and Europe with her performances and is currently planning a tour for the UK and Europe.

‘Traveling Light’ is out now. For more information on Anna Omak visit her website.

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