Soul Survivor & Momentum LIVE 2011 ‘We Are The Free’ Review

We Are The Free

Soul Survivor & Momentum 2011 ‘We Are The Free’ is the double disc offering from both the Soul Survivor and Momentum conferences that took place this year with disc 1 featuring the songs recorded at Soul Survivor and the disc 2 featuring the songs recorded at the Momentum conference.

‘God Is Coming’ although it’s been really hard to choose is my stand-out and favourite song of the entire album. It’s hard to put a finger on what it is about the song… The musicality, the thumping drums, the lead guitar line and atmospheric piano or the beautiful melody sung in the verses or the powerful lyrics through-out the whole song… Either way, this song is definitely something special.

The groove on ‘Once In Darkness’ is hard not to get drawn into… I love how the music reflects the lyrics, sounding dark in the verse and then brightening up in the choruses while keeping a rock infused energy through-out.

‘One Thing That Remains’ is a beautiful song and the dynamics of how the song builds all the way through song really give it a massive creshendo at the end. Not one of noise though but of worship and it’s a beautiful sound. “Your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me” is a lyric that has been ministering to me often bringing me to tears thinking about the love of God.

If you’re in need of a reminder that God’s promises are sure; that His love will endure and that He is for us then ‘For Us’ will bring a great amount of reassurance, hope and confidence in God and His promises.

‘Your Love Reaches’ is yet another powerful song off the album. The lyrics “Your love is amazing God, so high so vast, it reaches even me; and now that you’ve found me Lord, my heart is yours, this is where I want to be” speak for themselves… This song will definitely connect you to the love of God.

It’s not often that the title track is our favourite but after such a strong start we new we were onto yet a great album and it’s easily said that i was NOT let down.

Beth Croft, Tom Field and Jamie Rodwell, Tim Hughes and Matt Redman all lend their awesome writing/singing gifts to present us with an album which is as good as it is lyrically as it is musically which often isn’t the case.

‘We Are The Free’ is definitely an album that is about connected to God in worship. It’s not a compilation of songs that sound nice but rather songs that will inspire you to worship. While writing this review I’ve had to stop a few times and just join in the worship because of how engaging it is.

The whole team have done an outstanding job on this one. ‘We Are The Free’ is an album for the passionate worshipper and those who love to embrace the presence of God and then get lost in it. I wasn’t at Soul Survivor or Momentum but after listening to this I feel not only like I was there but like part of the family.


Reviewed by Matt Brooks

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