‘Soul Survivor Worship Remix’ Review

Soul Survivor Worship Remix

‘Soul Survivor Worship Remix’ is a mini album (you could call an EP) of some of worships greatest songs but with a twist… Looking at the track list we saw some of our favourite songs listed such as ‘Jesus Saves,‘Saviour Of The World,’ and ‘Hosanna’.

Not knowing what to expect from a CD of worship songs remixed, we were blown away from start to finish by the way Dave Plumb, Ardent Al and The Milkman (remixers/producers) had managed had managed to turn some of the most highly revered, loved and cherished worship songs into what could easily be club anthems and dance floor hits.

Stand out tracks are:

The classic ‘Saviour Of The World’ which keeps it’s classic vocal melody but is backed by a thumping, driving beat and is enough to get even the most conservative and dance floor shy people moving to the beat and singing along to what is probably one of the most singable songs ever written.

‘Jesus Saves’ gives a classic dance styled song with the break-downs and creshendo’s normally attributed to Dance and Electro musical styles. Punchy synth lines and dynamics really bring this song to life and really emphasise the message of the song in a subtle way.

‘Not Ashamed’ is one all of the auto-tune lovers will absolutely LOVE!!! The vocal work and editing on this track is awesome and actually quite entertaining really adding a new dimension to this song. What really took us by surprise was the introduction of Dub-Step in the song which although brief was impacting and enthralling.

If you’re into Dance/Electro music your collection will be incomplete without ‘Soul Survivor Worship Remix’. From the way they effectively take worship songs and flip them on their heads to the exciting way in which this album could be used to spread the Gospel to a whole new audience all make this more than ‘just another CD.’

‘Soul Survivor Worship Remix’ is a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies full of joy and happiness in musical form.

Track Listing:

  • Never Stop Singing
  • Jesus Saves
  • Your Beautiful
  • Not Ashamed
  • Saviour Of The World
  • Hosanna

Rating 4/5

Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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  1. Anonymous

    October 31, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    it souds cool and ithink it was love at first hearing!

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