Stuart Townend ‘Ultimate Collection’ Album Is OUT NOW!!!


The latest release from one of the world’s leading modern Hymn writer, Stuart Townend is now available to buy from iTunes, and local Christian bookstores.

Stuart Townend released an awesome project this week through Kingsway… ‘Stuart Townend Ultimate Collection,’ a new compilation from one of the most prolific, influential and well- respected modern hymn-writers at work today. With a history that spans multiple albums and contains some of the world’s best loved worship songs, Stuart Townend’s ‘Ultimate `Collection’ raises the bar up high.

The ‘Ultimate Collection’ contains sixteen tracks, taken from seven different albums and serves as a comprehensive guide to one of our most gifted writers.

The album maintains a consistently high standard. From ‘The Power of The Cross’ to ‘O Church Arise,’ ‘How Deep The Father’s Love For Me’ to ‘Come People Of The Risen King’ - not to mention ‘Psalm 23’, ‘Beautiful Saviour’ and ‘In Christ Alone’. At every moment we are reminded how the songs of Stuart Townend have travelled far, wide and deep into the lives of worshippers from all cultures and backgrounds.

Writing on his blog, Stuart’s comments on his own songs are often insightful and inspired. His thoughts on ‘In Christ Alone’ reveal his thinking that “maybe one of the reasons the song is so popular is that it can stir up our emotions (I still often cry like an old softie when I sing it) – but the emotion is not the central feature of the song. Because the lyrics stay fixed on the unchanging truths of our salvation, it not only provokes emotion, but engenders faith, strengthening our spirits, not just stirring our souls.”

In a different post, writing within typical humour of the way ‘How Deep The Father’s Love’ taps into the heritage of classic hymns. Stuart comments that “it has perhaps branded me as an old man before my time. It was fed back to me that at a conference a couple who loved the song were surprised to hear I was still alive…”

In jest we find a hint of truth; that these songs are bigger than one man’s story. They come from the heart, but have the power to connect with worshippers both now and in the future. Stuart has plenty of decades left in him, but surely his songs will be around for centuries.

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