Submit Your Music


We receive a lot of music submissions and are unable to respond to every request for a feature on We do not respond to music submissions because of the volume of requests we get but if we do come across something that we like and need more information, you will be contacted.

You won’t be notified if we have chosen to feature your music on our website, however if you check out our site regularly you will see if we have featured you or not. We also feature every post from our website on our facebook page and where possible tag the artists we are talking about in the post. We also tweet all posts so if you have a twitter account, our tweets will show up in your mentions.

If you want your music to be reviewed please make sure all of the information is included e.g. release date, label, producer, track-listing included the names of artists featured on the project. (liner notes) – If you do not send us your music (in a downloadable format – High quality MP3) it won’t get reviewed.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* | Please use a file sharing method and include the link in your email submission. – We recommend using Minus, We Transfer, Box or any other safe file sharing method.

Submitting general news stories does not require single, album (etc) artwork; however if you are submitting news about a music release or want us to review your music, it MUST be submitted with artwork and you MUST have a press release to accompany it or at a minimum, a brief description containing the key information (release date, title, any featured artists, producer, if it’s taken from an album or mix-tape etc). If you don’t send any information along with the music you submit, we will sadly not be able to feature you on our site.

For videos please include a YouTube (or embeddable) link and brief description of the video, the project it comes from (video for single, promotional video, EPK, freestyle video etc) or a full press release.

If your submission is successful and you receive coverage, we simply ask that you share the posts on your social networks (face book, twitter etc), website and anywhere else you deem appropriate.

We only accept submissions from Christian artists/bandsIf you aren’t a Christian artist/band, this is NOT the right website for you. However if the music you do isn’t ‘Gospel,’ ‘CCM,’ or ‘Worship’ etc but you are a Christian you CAN still submit your music as we know that whatever subject you sing about will (hopefully) reflect what’s in the Word whether you’re directly singing about God or not.


Please include:

  • Artist Name
  • Contact Name
  • Submission Type e.g. Press Release, Video,  Interview Request etc
  • Include a minimum of 3 Hi-Res images + Single/Album Cover
  • Press Release
  • Biography
  • Social Media Links
  • iTunes Link