Tasha Cobbs ‘Grace’ Review

Tasha Cobbs Grace Album Review

Being a big fan of Tasha Cobbs’ first album ‘Smile’ I could not wait to have a listen to ‘Grace’ and with the way ‘Break Every Chain’ was spreading like wild fire I expected nothing more than an epic offering with more songs that would quickly become favourites of mine.

‘Get Up’ is the album opener and immediately grabbed my attention with the slow build and “Oh’s” which really built up a sense of excitement like it was really building into something big. Cobb’s voice is as fiery, passionate and penetrating as ever she encourages listeners to “Claim your authority…” and to “Get up, get up, get up…”

‘Love You Forever’ has a similar vibe to ‘Get Up’ on the choruses with a similar melodic line for the “Oh’s” and driven beat, however the similarities end there. I loved the break down which gives room for a beautiful prayer…“Lord You’re like the river that never runs dry, my heart is Your temple, live inside, Lord you are the air I breathe, keep me alive, Lord I need close please stay around…” The songs picks up after this section with driven guitars, beautiful harmonies and a collective worship feel.

‘For Your Glory’ is a strong song with a Traditional Gospel under-tone with a contemporary sheen. Cobbs shows a softer approach to her vocal at times during this song, which showcases the richness of her soulful tone. The song speaks of longing for more of God, which is encompassed by the simple refrain, “Wanna be where You are, gotta be where You are…” which really engaged me in worship.

‘Grace’ is the title track but each time I listened it seemed to pass me by. I had to intentionally listen to it to realize that it was the title track. ‘Grace’ is a “sweet to the ear” song, which tells the story of a grace that saves, keeps us that we do not deserve.

‘Break Every Chain’ is an anthem that has been shaking up churches for years (written by Will ReaganUnited Pursuit Band). It’s easy to hear the conviction in Cobbs’ voice, there’s no doubt about it, she believes in the power that she is singing about and while it feels like it takes long for the song to build, when it reaches it’s climax you can feel the power in the declaration “There is power, in the name of Jesus…” and can visualize the chains that will fall as people sing “I hear the chains falling…”

‘Ahh’ was surprising for me… From the chord progression to the sung melody I found it hard to get into this song and found it to be cheesy. While the message of the song is good and speaks of us being better because of God in our lives I skipped this song every time.

Overall I can say that ‘Grace’ is a good album. My expectations were very high for this album and after listening to it many times I think I may have set my expectations a little too high. However, even with that said one thing that did not disappoint was Cobbs’ vocal, which is still as powerful (if not more) and enthralling as it was.

‘Grace’ boasts 10 songs, 4 that featured on Cobbs debut ‘Smile’ and 6 fresh songs, which isn’t something that I would have expected for her sophomore release on a major label. Out of the 6 new songs, only 2 really stood out to me, ‘For Your Glory’ and ‘Break Every Chain’ which I felt harnessed some inferno of heat and elation which was poured out on ‘Smile’ and established Cobb’s sound as declaring voice of worship.

There was an innocence, freedom and unrestrained nature about ‘Smile’ and in a bid to show growth as an artist I think ‘Grace’ comes across as polished and refined (which is good) but in this instance it came at the cost of the sound that drew me to her initially.

If you’ve never listened to a Tasha Cobbs album before then you’ll find lots to love about ‘Grace,’ however if you have, you may be left wanting more… As for me; when I’m having a Tasha Cobbs kind of day I’ll look for ‘Smile’.

Track List:

  • Get Up
  • Love You Forever
  • Happy
  • For Your Glory
  • Grace
  • Smile
  • Break Every Chain
  • Confidence
  • Greater
  • Ahh


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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