Teen Singer/Songwriter Jacob Llyod Releases Single & Album ‘See In Colour’

Teen Singer:Songwriter Jacob Llyod Releases Single & Album See In Colour

UK teen singer/songwriter Jacob Llyod has released a new single titled ‘See In Colour,’ which precedes his album, which is due for release on 28th February.

‘See In Colour’ is also the title of his new album which marks a huge step from 2011’s ‘Somewhere New,’ the new project sees Jacob re-unite with producer Andy Baker (Philippa Hanna, Daughters of Davis).

“You have opened up my eyes

Turned the darkness into light

Took the world from black and white


At just 17 years old, Jacob Lloyd is already a sought-after singer and songwriter. Combining real life, heartfelt lyrics with a laidback acoustic feel, Lloyd possesses a level of depth and maturity rarely found in others his age.

Having seen his father walk out at an early age and having been severely bullied at school, Lloyd’s mission is to show others that “whilst there is pain and questions in life, even from such an early start, that they can be overcome.”

Since the release of EP ‘Somewhere New’ in 2011, Lloyd has seen his music touching the hearts of audiences across the UK. As well as being a busy touring act, he has appeared at the Youth Works Summit and the Greenbelt Festival, and performed with renowned evangelist Mark Greenwood.

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