Thank You From Worship Central – 3 Simple Steps…

Spirit Break Out

Well, it’s been quite a week so far for Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon, Al Gordon and the rest of the team at Worship Central – the school of worship from Alpha International and Holy Trinity Brompton. They all started Monday morning knowing that their debut live album – ‘Spirit Break Out’ – would be going on sale at iTunes. The Worship Central team didn’t know quite how appropriate the album’s title would become.

By Monday lunchtime it had climbed all the way up to the top twenty iTunes album chart, and by the evening it had laid claim to the number 9 spot. One higher than the Beatles.

The team are understandably pumped, and with social networks buzzing on the news of the chart success they’ve taken the opportunity of posting a video message to worshippers, supporters and everyone else who happens to be passing. See the video for yourself here.

The three-part message is simple enough:

1. Pray that people encounter God through listening to the album.
2. If you’ve not heard it yet then would you consider downloading it now.
3. How about helping spread the word by telling ten friends all about it.

Chart placings and tweets aside, the buzz about ‘Spirit Break Out’ reflects the deeper vision of Worship Central, as Tim Hughes writes: “Our vision is to see the name of Jesus lifted high all around the world, from the churches to the charts, from the streets to the stadium. It’s all about Jesus.”

TV adventurer Bear Grylls wrote: “Well done my friends who made this album, Worship Central, Spirit Break Out Nice!”

BBC’s Football Focus Presenter Dan Walker tweeted: “My mate Tim Hughes is involved in an album called ‘Spirit Break Out’. It’s 10th in iTunes charts. Would be great to go mainstream. BUY IT!”

With pages of 5 star reviews on iTunes the response from the listeners has been amazing:

“For the price of 3 coffees get this album, ur health and spirit will be thankful. Awesome!”

“This has to be one of the best albums I have ever owned. Truly amazing songs, written for the heart and helping us in our worship of our Almighty God. An amazing journey filled with the Holy Spirit. Wish I could have been there at the live recording! Well done and thank you to everyone involved for producing such an amazing album.”

“I was present at the event when the album was recorded and have been looking forward to the release for months: it sounds even better than I remember. It has the Spirit of God running through from start to finish. Great work WorshipCentral!”

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