The Best Worship Anthems In The World…Ever!

The Best Worship Anthems In The World...Ever!

Kingsway Integrity Music are pleased to announce the release of another great compilation for worshippers. ‘The Best Worship Anthems’ unites the brightest and the boldest, the loudest and longest shouts of praise from the church today. Packed with fifty songs of substance that have each played their part in the modern worship movement, ‘The Best Worship Anthems’ is a unique catalyst for worship.

This is not the first. There have been other compilations in the ‘Best Ever’ series, albums which have drawn together hymns, Christmas carols and other worship classics. And it will not be the last either. Why? Because for as long as Christians have air in their lungs there will be songs that deliberately tell God of His great worth.

It’s the way that it has always been. The Church has always made a noise. Sometimes that sound has been only audible underground, while at other times it has echoed throughout cathedrals and along streets lined with tear-stained crowds.

We were made to worship. We were made to reflect God’s glory back to Him. We were made to sing, to shout, to mourn and to celebrate.

The Best Worship Anthems brings to the listener all of the above. There are calls to worship, songs of confession, poetic journeys that reveal God’s character and guttural cries that plead for change and divine intervention.

There’s something for everyone, because every one of us is made for one thing alone; to love the Lord with all our heart and love others as we love ourselves. Worship is an indispensable part of the puzzle, an essential ingredient without which we can never truly live.

Key tracks include:

  • Hosanna
  • Come Now is The Time To Worship
  • The Power Of The Cross
  • Jesus At The Centre
  • At Your Name
  • Hungry
  • Sovereign Over Us
  • One Thing Remains
  • Love Came Down

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