The City Harmonic ‘Heart’ Review

The City Harmonic Heart Album Review

The City Harmonic are a band that instantly became one of my favourite bands upon hearing their EP and debut album ‘I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)’.

Their ability to write songs with such strong lyrics and fantastic production has made them popular all over the world fusing genres and setting Praise & Worship to the tune of Alternaive/Indie Pop-Rock.

The new album ‘Heart’ starts where ‘I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)’ finished off… Thunderous production and a big build up in the introduction leading in to the tranquil verse, which builds into a big, half-time Orchestral Rock chorus… “You were… You are… You are to come…” This song addresses the heart and helps in re-aligning our hearts with the heart of God… No, my heart’s not giving up, here You are, here You are… You’ve been living in my dying, now I’m dying for Your heart.”

‘Praise The Lord’ instantly raised a spirit of gratitude within me and was a reminder to ‘Praise The Lord’ in every season of life because “Jesus Christ is Lord… Even in the middle of the joys of life, there is always grace enough today to praise the Lord…” This is a rousing song that ignites me with a desire to praise God every time I hear it and the gang-vocal harmonies make for great participation as when words fail, a groan from the heart is received by God.

‘Strong’ (written by Eric Fusilier during his battle with cancer) speaks about the strength of God, His grace and a sense of amazement at this matchless love bring strength in our weakest moments… Lord, let there be light in the dark… I need a silver line in the storm… And suddenly I can see when it rains it pours… But every single drop is dripping with Your love, Your love…”

The chord progression on ‘Alive Alive’ coupled with the Electro drums and the raspy, deep vocal tone caught my attention straight away and is one of my favourites on ‘Heart’. My God saves and I’m up from the grave
I’m alive that’s what He’s done for me… Live or die: I’ll be alive… Alive! Alive! That’s what He’s done for me… My God, that’s what He’s done for me…”

“Image of the, unseen Father, the beginning and the end… All is from Him, to Him, through Him, altogether held within… Christ the glorious one, Christ the father Son, Christ the glory of God…” I love ‘Glory’ so much because of the emphasis it places on giving all the glory to God. The production on this song is amazing and almost has a Dubstep undertone on the chorus, which is different but effective in giving this song a massive feel.

‘1+1’ doesn’t give much away from the title but it’s a Christ-centred prayer about relationships/marriage which expresses the desire of Godly marriage and Christ-like love…  “Lord, can I love just like love Himself, And live out my life for my bride? Am I strong enough to be built on You? I pray that it’s 1+1, And that makes 3 of us, 2 of us 1 heart to, Your heart…”

The City Harmonic have done it again… I genuinely didn’t think they would be able to top ‘I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)’ but they have built on that and created something which contains all of The City Harmonic’s DNA but has evolved into something colossal, gallant and utterly exhilarating while maintaining scriptural truths and songs that (although not presented like Sunday morning worship songs) can take you deep into worship.

The City Harmonic’s songs are scriptural, edifying & their music is art and creative expression personified… The textures they create & the attention to detail in their production is phenomenal and ‘Heart’ is The City Harmonic at their very best…

Track List:

  • Here And There
  • Praise The Lord
  • Strong
  • Take Heart,
  • Alive, Alive
  • Love Heal Me
  • Singing Songs Of Longing, Joy And Peace
  • Glory
  • A City On A Hill
  • Live Love
  • 1+1
  • Long Walk Home
  • Brand New
  • My Jesus, I Love Thee


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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