The City Harmonic ‘I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)’ Review

I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)

The City Harmonic aren’t your ordinary Christian band. In 1 year they’ve managed to go from being unknown to being one of the biggest emerging Alternative Rock bands to hit the industry.

Taking the world by surprise with the ‘Introducing The City Harmonic’ EP which featured their hit song ‘Manifesto’ which has become their most well known song even seeing the video for the song reach over 1 million views on YouTube. Now, The City Harmonic are back with a brand new album due for relase on 18/10/11 titled ‘I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)’.

We’ve had this album on repeat in our office for a few days now and absolutely love it… It’s like listening to a blend of ColdPlay and the Kings Of Leon although not like a copy of those bands.

We’ve actually found it hard to pick stand-out tracks for this album because they are all so good and on the 50+ times we’ve listened to it have never skipped a track.

‘Yours’ start’s off the album strong with great musicality and dynamics through-out the song. Anyone new to The City Harmonic will know from this song alone that they’re in for a great album and one from real musicians too. It’s likely that the infectious chorus “Yours; all of it yours; all of it yours, all of it yours…” will resound in the minds of just about anyone who hears it.

The piano and drum driven ‘Mountaintop’ shares a powerful message and really showcases the depth of the song-writing touching reminding that God is near… In the valley low or on the ‘Mountaintop’.

‘Fell Apart’ is one of our favourites. The chord progression and the drum pattern lay a solid bed on which the vocals can rest comfortably. What really stands out in the song is how it builds… It doesn’t rush; infact each section of the song gradually builds giving maximum effect.

The vocal melody on ‘I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)’ (the title track) is awesome and so is the musical arrangement. This song perfectly empoasses why The City Harmonic have seen so much success in such a short space of time. The instrumental sections of the song are dynamic and consuming and really pull you in leaving you wanting more once the song is finished.

‘Love’ is The City Harmonic’s take on the popular scripture 1 Corinthians 13 which is often read at weddings, acoustic, soft and some-what retro in style and really acts as a set up song for ‘Holy (Wedding Day)’. This song is a powerful reminder of us being the bride of Christ and how Holy our God is featuring great musicality. The atmospheric feel the guitars create leading into the build up is awesome.

‘Manifesto’ has a clasic Rock beat, a phat and thick guitar riff that thrusts the song into action with well placed piano parts and the layered vocals create  a feeling of being in a large arena or even stadium with thousands of people giving this song a real anthem vibe.

Somehow The City Harmonic have managed to produce an album that is full of good music and relates to everyday life but at the same time is overtly Christian and a few of the songs will even send you into a praise and worship frenzy.

The album has such a live feel about it; so much so that it’s easy to close your eyes and imagine them playing all these songs in a live concert just for you. From the energy in the songs, to the way the songs flow in such a seamless manner; ‘I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)’ is the kind of album any music lover would appreciate and enjoy and it’s actually quite hard to believe this is their first album… If this is what the first one sounds like, then we’re already eagerly anticipating the one’s to come already.


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