The City Harmonic Issue Update On Band Member Eric Fusilier’s Battle With Leukemia

The City Harmonic

At the beginning of this year we shared some very bad news with you all regarding a member of one of our favourite bands. Eric Fusilier of The City Harmonic (towards the front of the above picture) was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia but with much prayer and medical help he seemed to be making progress and recovery.

Sadly an update from The City Harmonic band has let us know that his condition has worsened. Read below.

“It wasn’t long ago that we celebrated on Facebook and Twitter with all of you that our brother-in-musical-arms, Eric Fusilier, had been announced as being in remission from ALL (an aggressive form of Leukemia). It had been only three months earlier that Eric had been diagnosed, and the quick (albeit difficult) recovery was something we all reveled in alongside his family back home. We, both the band as well as Eric and his family, have been blown away and are incredibly grateful for the prayers and support over this challenging time.

Sadly, this Easter weekend brings us heartbreaking news. Last Tuesday, as Eric prepared to move into the next phase of his therapy, the doctors informed him that tests had revealed a possible anomaly in his bone marrow and would require further testing to be certain. This week he learned that he is indeed in relapse and has since returned to hospital as an inpatient. This will require another round of treatment followed by a very likely and very difficult stem cell transplant.

Yet again we are asking for your support and prayer through this difficult time, specifically for Eric’s health as well as the emotional and mental well-being of those around him and close to him. We are trusting this Easter weekend that just as Christ rose from the grave and defeated death, that we live for the God who is capable of defeating death and all of his agents, including Leukemia.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and support, and God bless.
The City Harmonic”

Please continue to pray for Eric and his wife Laura and family and of course the rest of The City Harmonic band mates in your prayers and believe for Eric’s miraculous healing.

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