The Digital Age Release Innovative Project ‘Rehearsals Vol. 2’

The Digital Age Release Innovative Project Rehearsals Vol. 2

Fair Trade band b has announced the release of their latest rehearsals project – ‘Rehearsals Vol. 2’. Recorded and produced in their hometown studio in Waco, Texas, ‘Rehearsals Vol. 2’ features six new tracks that together exude the band’s commitment to continue creating music for the Church. The album is available directly to fans via the band’s website. The album will be also available on iTunes and Amazon starting on 18th November 2014.

The Digital Age released ‘Rehearsals Vol. 1’ in the summer of 2012 as a formal reintroduction of the band. For the first time, both ‘Rehearsals Vol. 1’ and ‘Vol. 2’ will be released on vinyl and will be available as a dual package – ‘Rehearsals’.

“The whole Rehearsals idea is us learning songs that the church is singing and putting our own unique spin on them,” said Mark Waldrop of The Digital Age. “We wanted to keep the general flow of ‘Rehearsals Vol. 2’ the same as ‘Vol. 1,’ so we curated a track listing that combined a few worship tracks, some classic hymns and some new material. We really enjoy the relationship we have with our fans, and a direct release through our website allows us the ability to dictate the pricing and options of the release. We’re also able to offer things like song stems, chord charts, and vinyl for much cheaper than through traditional outlets.”

Commenting on the track listing for ‘Rehearsals Vol. 2,’ Waldrop added: “We all grew up in the south and have a deep affinity for hymns that we were raised singing, so ‘It Is Well’ and ‘Blessed Assurance’ were songs that we couldn’t wait to explore sonically. We’re involved with a collegiate ministry here in Waco called Vertical, and ‘Oceans’ and ‘Fall Afresh’ seem to be really connecting with the hearts of the college students near us. We wrote ‘All Rise (Jesus, Majesty)’ with Jason Ingram last year and couldn’t wait to put it on a release. Finally, we wanted to round out the album with ‘Take Me Home,’ a song written by a local worship leader in Waco that we all really connected with.”

The Digital Age released their first video for ‘Rehearsals Vol. 2’ earlier this year, covering Hillsong UNITED’s ‘Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)’ and racking up more than 150,000 views. Keeping with the tradition of ‘Rehearsals Vol. 1,’ the band will release new ‘Rehearsals’ videos over the next several weeks on their YouTube page. Fans who purchase ‘Rehearsals Vol. 2’ today will gain instant access to all of the videos.

The Digital Age released their debut studio album ‘Evening:Morning’ last year, hitting No. 3 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart and topping the Christian/Gospel chart for “Streaming Albums” on release week. Their single ‘Break Every Chain’ was embraced by Christian radio across the country, picking up significant spins on K-LOVE and holding the most played spot on the network for several weeks.

This year, the band has expanded their ministry focus towards the country of Brazil, including a transformative trip to São Paulo for the Livres Conference 2014. Flexing their producer chops, The Digital Age also partnered with a prominent Brazilian Christian artist Fernandinho Faz Chover to produce his upcoming album – Fernandinho Acústico.

Track List:

  • Fall Afresh
  • Blessed Assurance
  • All Rise (Jesus, Majesty)
  • It Is Well
  • Oceans
  • Take Me Home

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