‘The Maze’ | Ashmont Hill Share The Story Behind Their New Album

The Maze Ashmont Hill Share The Story Behind Their New Album

Today people from all walks of life make their homes and peaceably coexist in diverse communities like Ashmont Hill in the inner city of Boston, Massachusetts. How fitting that it should also be the home neighborhood and group name for a rising Pop-Gospel quartet (and family) that has bridged together their diverse influences under their one true passion: worship of their Creator.

Founded by Phil Thompson, Ashmont Hill consists of his 2 sisters April Joy Thompson, Deborah Bullock and brother-in-law Will Bullock truly making the group a family group.

After 2 successful album releases, the self-titled debut and the sophomore album ‘Your Masterpiece’ comes the 3rd installment of vertical worship from Ashmont Hill in the form of the new album ‘The Maze’ due for release on 20th August 2013.

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