The Remission Flow ‘The Light That Floods’ Review

The Remission Flow 'The Light That Floods' Review

After the release of 2 singles ‘Walls’ and ‘The Fathers Love’ (which peaked at #26 on the Irish Alternative iTunes charts), The Remission Flow have released their debut album ‘The Light That Floods’ on 7Core Music.

‘Walls’ is the album opener and has a bright, cheerful bounce to it with layered rhythms and strong, uplifting melodies and speaks of being rescued by God which stirs up thanksgiving whilst listening.

‘The Father’s Love’ is a reminder of how much God loves us… “For me You laid Your life down.” It’s a guitar driven song that will find its place in churches for times of worship and the musical arrangement is exciting and takes the listener on a journey.

The unconventional approach to ‘Light Up’ and the various textures and feelings create a sense of loneliness and darkness and being called out into the light.

“Your heart’s an all consuming flame, I wanna burn within. Your love’s an all consuming fire, my hearts desire,” has become an anthem for me… Somehow it just resonated with me and my desire to burn with a fire and passion for God and allow my fire to spark/ignite a fire within other people… This is a Kingdom song.

Before listening to ‘The Light That Floods’ I had no idea what to expect… Would I find Celtic hymn influenced worship, horizontal or vertical songs that bless and inspire people or songs that cause to offer praise and worship to God.

What I found while listening to ‘The Light That Floods’ was a worship band who have written some great songs that set me ablaze like a match lights a fire, ignited a fiery passion whilst refreshing me like a cool breeze on a summer’s day.

From a production point of view I was impressed by the quality of the album and the musicality of it and the clean, crisp sound which isn’t always found on projects from new bands who are still cutting their teeth in the music industry.

The Remission Flow have produced a great album. However I must say that ‘The Light That Floods’ is unique and experimental not giving the expected. They’re cutting edge and explorative in their approach to song formations and soundscapes in worship. I’m excited to hear how their sound will continue to evolve and while I’ve heard music that’s similar… I hadn’t heard anything quite like this… Until now!

Track List:

  • Walls
  • Take Away
  • The Father’s Love
  • Your Word
  • Light Up
  • Wilderness
  • My Saviour Lives
  • All Creation
  • Psalm 121
  • 1Sleeper
  • Holy
Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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