The Royal Royal Set To Release New Album ‘The Return Of The King’

The Royal Royal Set To Release New Album The Return Of The King

The Royal Royal’s Nathan and Gabriel Finochio roar back on the scene to once again create worship music for the next generation on their sophomore release, ‘The Return Of The King,’ which releases to digital retailers on 4th March 2014. ‘The Return Of The King’ features fresh, yet honest lyrics on personal, yet universal songs and is released in partnership with The Paradigm Collective and distributed by Central South Distribution and Sony RED. 

“Our favorite thing to do as artists is create; the opportunity to record another album is a complete thrill from start to finish,” said Nathan. “It’s great to work with someone you know almost as well as yourself. It’s ‘no surprises’ living, and it really adds confidence.”

Brothers, Gabriel and Nathan grew up in the church where their dad was the pastor. “Our parents taught us to love the church and the value of serving the church; we think serving the church is the best use of our musical gifting,” said Gabriel.

The 10-track collection features the lead single ‘Holding On’ and the follow-up single ‘Every Little Bit Of Praise,’ which debuted at #19 on the AC/CHR charts. The latest single to hit radio is ‘Real Strength’.

“‘Real Strength’ is for those who have purposed in their hearts to make God their source, and this song is for God to draw you to Himself,” said Nathan.

“We pray that our generation be one that can see and move beyond the emptiness and confusion of modernity, with its constant distractions that try to fill our anxious souls, and into the presence of our living hope, Jesus Christ.”

Producers David Kuwabara and the band’s Nathan Finochio worked together to create a musical paradox. “Gabe and I write, play, and talk about how we want the album to sound stylistically, and then we bring David Kuwabara into the picture, who magically materializes and structures the madness in our heads,” said Nathan. “Our prayer for everyone that plays this record is two-fold: that they re-discover Jesus Christ in the freshest way, and that the old things seem brand new, all over again.”

The Royal Royal write songs, lead worship and emerge from the studio with a bag full of musical paradox; songs that are personal yet universal, lyrics that are fresh yet honest, music that sounds like it was born far away from the church yet which shouts praise with every beat.

If you want the one-liner, then this is it; The Royal Royal play at the intersection of new sounds and ancient truths. A few years back and the future for Nathan and Gabriel doesn’t feature The Royal Royal.

Back then in the days where the modern worship story is being woven in and out of mainstream venues, charts and arts, Nathan and Gabriel are College students. Nathan is this musical geek, viewed as a cultural oddity, a potentially toxic brand. But both brothers apply themselves to their studies, sharpen up their theology and expand their empathy. They emerge with a few scars but a tank full of optimism. The brothers know that their upbringing has given them an understanding of the power of music – James Taylor, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder all see to that. But as Pastor’s Kids there are other lessons from the past that are still at play; the sense that being a conservative and a cultural liberal does not leave them torn in two, but whole and healthy, full of questions and confidence in equal measure.

Track List:

  • The Lights
  • Every Little Bit of Praise
  • Holding On
  • You Make Me New
  • Real Strength
  • Great
  • The Answer
  • Shine
  • Light a Fire

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