‘The Waiting Kind’ EP Review

The Waiting Kind

‘Love Rises’ is the first song on ‘The Waiting Kind’ EP and it doesn’t reflect the title of the EP or the band… They didn’t do any kind of waiting; in fact they went straight to business.  While ‘Love Rises’ has a light drum groove in the first verse, the pre-chorus hits hard with big sounding drums and even bigger sounding guitars. The harmonies on the pre-chorus and the subtle harmonies on the chorus bring the song to life making it more sing-able and making what could have been a hard hitting, in your face song, that little bit more melodious.

‘Greater Stronger’ leaned more to a Grungy sound and screams Delirious? to me so any ‘King Of Fools’ fans may take a liking to this song. The Grunge feel makes the song emotive and I love singing the chorus… “Greater, stronger, than a storming fire or sorrow by night… You are greater, stronger, all my heart would sing your matchless worth, your love.”

This theme of God’s great love continues through onto ‘Your Love Is Strong’.

I loved listening to ‘Heaven Calls My Name’ and singing along to the bridge belting out the harmonies on “This is what you hear when the lost have been hunted for… This is how you know that our lives are for you oh Lord… This is what you hear from the hearts of the rescued one’s… This is how you know that our lives are for you oh Lord.” I love the way the music breaks down and builds back up in this section creating a great dynamic build.

‘Cross Of Love’ is without a doubt my favourite song on the EP. The way it starts with a simple bright, dancing piano melody, driving bass drum and atmospheric vocals were enough to get me wanting more. What stands out to me in this song is the way that it builds and how the intensity increases throughout the song and I love the chord progressions and vocal melodies… For me, this is the song that speaks to me most musically… lyrically too. You can’t beat a song that focuses on the Cross and what Jesus did for us… The refrain I’ve been singing (on repeat like a broken record) is the stand-out part of the song for me; in fact I wish that section carried on longer but at least I’m left wanting more… “…The Cross before me, the world behind me, no turning back now for all my life…” This song really helps me stay focused on the Cross and helps me to stay looking to my future and what God has for me instead of my past… BRILLIANT!!!

I LOVE this EP! It seems to go by so quick when I’m listening but it is only 6 tracks long so I guess that’s why. I had never heard of The Waiting Kind before this EP but they now have a new fan. One of the things I love about this EP is that while listening I feel like I connect with their hearts for God and it also seems very genuine… Like a true reflection of them as a live band in recorded form. From listening to this I definitely want to see them live.

For me this is Indie Rock worship music at it’s finest… If you’re a fan of Delirious? Or Hillsong UNITED and you’re someone who loves great songs to sing along to with great lyrical content this won’t just be a welcome addition to your music collection, it could be one of your favourite additions.

Track List:

  • Love Rises
  • Greater Stronger
  • Your Love Is Strong
  • Heaven Calls My name
  • Cross Of Love
  • Trust In You


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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