‘The Walls Group’ Review

The Walls Group

The Walls Group are one of the most exciting young groups to come out for a while. The fact that they’re siblings and have such a great vocal ability makes them even more exciting for me. This is an album I was eager to listen and hear what kind of sound this awesome four-some would come with.

After an a cappella intro that instantly reminded me of their vocal strength I couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the album which really got started with ‘What You Come To Do,’ a bright, upbeat song that captured me instantly. ‘What You Come To Do’ is a classic feel good song… In some ways it was kind of predictable musically. I anticipated every move/change/progression in the music that came but even with that said there’s just something about it that makes me repeat it over and over again… Especially when the sun is out.

‘Mighty You Are’ is tied with ‘Make Me Over’ as my favourite song on the album. The song sounds much more mature, lyrically (having more depth) and musically incorporating the sound of more live instruments which I think suits their style more. The chorus “Mighty you are, holy you are, your mercy endureth for ever more, righteous you are, great you are, I will exalt you oh Lord, my God, my King,” is simply beautiful and the entire song focuses on appreciating how great God is drawing anyone listening into a place of worship.

‘Yes’ is a song for all of the old school Traditional Gospel music lovers and encourages us to do like the song says and “Whatever, wherever, whatever, Lord I will say yes.” to God’s will. The vocals REALLY shine on this track… I have 2 words when describing the vocals on this song that all Gospel music lovers will understand… Clark Sisters. WOW, the range, control and notation are incredible. Definitely a song for the singers out there.

‘Make Me Over’ gets me every time because of the lyrics. This is one of those songs that feels like it was written for me. “I don’t wanna be this way no more, make me over… I wanna be changed and saved oh Holy Father… Oh Lord, please restore my soul, Oh Lord, make me over, again… Make me over, again.” I really believe this song will minister to those who are going through and those who know that they still need to be made over by the master. The musical arrangement is well put together and gives the song great dynamics and the sense of connection between the lyrics, vocals and music.

I love the military/marching band influence on ‘Make It Alright’ and the overall groove and vibe of this song…

‘Hold On’ and takes us back to the Traditional Gospel sound with that classic Traditional Gospel theme… The theme of encouragement and holding on to God because ‘It will be alright.”

Overall The Walls Group impressed me. Vocally they had me captivated from beginning to end… I think that they shine more on the songs with live music accompaniment but even with that said, there isn’t one song I don’t like on this album. I feel like they played it a bit safe at times though. A lot of the music seems predictable and ‘middle of the road’, however I really enjoyed listening to the album and think it’s a solid debut that they can build on. If you love Traditional and Contemporary Gospel then you’ll really enjoy this album and the fusion between the two styles is present throughout the album making it an interesting listening experience from start to finish.

Track Listing:

  • This Is My Praise
  • What You Come To Do
  • Mighty You Are
  • New Day
  • Yes
  • We Worship You
  • Make Me Over
  • Make It Alright
  • Hold On
  • Never Gonna Let You Go
  • Praise Goes To You
  • What You Come To Do Remix


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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