The Walls Group Release Self-Titled Debut Album

The Walls Group

From deep in the heart of Texas comes a new generation of gifted kinfolk! The Walls Group consist of Darrel, the oldest member at 20 years old and is a gifted musician and aspiring producer. Rhea, (16) is an outstanding athlete making her a Junior Olympics contender. Paco (15), feels the leading of God to be a Pastor and Ahjah the youngest of the group (13) who is also a gifted cartoonist. These Darrel, Rhea, Paco and Ahjah are four of eight children born to Roger and Alicia Walls. With musically inclined parents, these kids could not escape the melodies and harmonies that coursed throughout the household and seeped into their souls.

The Gospel music industry has embraced the siblings’ extraordinary vocal and music abilities.  With such anticipation for their national self-titled debut CD release, the young singers are busy with appearances and are adapting to the fast-paced demands as they aspire to launch their music ministry.

‘The Walls Group’ project includes worship, contemporary Gospel and a blend of urban pop and will be available on iTunes on 12th June 2012.  The project features the hit single ‘Mighty You Are’ and features a guest appearance by power-house vocalist Nikki Ross on the soulfully charged song ‘Yes’.  The young singers bring music alive with their charming charisma and stage presence and are completely capturing the hearts of music fans.

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