Jazz/Soul Sensation Tina Jenkins Crawley Releases Debut Album ‘The Longest Journey’

Jazz Soul Sensation Tina Jenkins Crawley Releases Debut Album The Longest Journey

One thing that makes the genre of Gospel music so unique is that it encompasses so many musical styles. Tina Jenkins Crawley’s musical expression is reflected through the medium of Jazz. Gifted with a strong set of pipes and an unforgettable stage charisma, this newcomer is attracting a notable following, both in her hometown of Chicago and beyond. Her tenacious vocal power is perfectly complemented by the rousing and encouraging messages of her lyrics.  Quickly becoming a requested performer, she is proving the truths of her staying power and musical prowess. That prowess is front and center on her debut album, ‘The Longest Journey’. Filled with songs of hope, the brand new CD has already catapulted the artist to #1 on the UK Soul charts, where it remained for 4 weeks.

This album combines poignant lyrics with the feel good sounds of Soul and Jazz – all with a touch of Sunday morning church. Each noticeable piece is confirmation of her rare and extraordinary gift. The up-tempo grooves of ‘It Comes From You’ and the smooth, soft vibe of ‘Thank You Lord’ showcase Tina and how she effortlessly wraps her beautiful soprano vocals around amazing songs. Many will appreciate the captivating melodies of ‘Suddenly,’ a song, which she recently shot a music video for and a track which is featured in the upcoming independent film, ‘Jump In,’ premiering in Springfield, IL, on March 2nd.  ‘Everyday’ opens with a pretty acoustic guitar arrangement and is a mellow and worshipful cut. Neo-soul fans will enjoy the rhythms of the memorable ‘Fruit Of The Spirit’ and the balladry of ‘Secrets Of My Heart’. Throughout Tina’s eleven tracks, most of which she penned, she literally takes the listener on a remarkable musical voyage during ‘The Longest Journey’.

Tina Jenkins Crawley, vocalist, lyricist, musical director, worship leader, and international performer, holds the distinct honour of being a long time member and performer with the famed Larry King Orchestra. Her gift has afforded her the privilege of sharing the stage with many gifted artists like Mavis Staples, Paul Rodgers of Bad Company, Anthony David and violinist, Roddy Chong.  She has lent her voice to music videos (with artists R. Kelly and Celine Dion), commercials and a myriad of special features. For several years, she has also had the pleasure of being Vocal Director for both the Global Leadership Summit and International Global Leadership Summit for Willow Creek Association. Most recently, she was included as a featured vocalist for the World Discipleship Summit where she led worship for nearly 18,000.

For several years, Tina Jenkins Crawley (affectionately known as TJ Crawley) has been featured at several European venues. Having gained a strong fan support ‘across the pond’, she has interviewed with several Jazz or Soul music stations. She also has her own station on Pandora and has had the distinct pleasure of singing for crowds in both German and Spanish, a lifelong dream she has seen fulfilled.

TJ Crawley embodies all the spirit and energy that is Gospel. She has dedicated her life to perfecting her craft, and it’s evident in her solid performances. She approaches every performance with the grace, dignity and maturity befitting a woman of God. Surely, by His grace, she is certainly on her way to leaving an indelible mark. For more information about Tina Jenkins Crawley visit her website.

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