Tooth & Nail Records Sign Australian Band New Empire

Tooth & Nail Records Sign Australian Band New Empire

Tooth & Nail Records is proud to announce the addition to their acclaimed roster with the signing of Australian foursome New Empire. Hailing from Cronulla Beach in Sydney, Australia, New Empire is excited to take their music around the world.

Celebrating their label signing, Tooth & Nail Records is giving away the band’s song ‘Relight The Fire’. You can download the single and watch the music video, which already has over 1 million views HERE!!!

“We love to create music and sounds that listeners can get lost in and explore,” shares front-man Jeremy Fowler. “We aim to create songs that encourage, inspire and can be a part of a persons journey through life. We know that partnering up with Tooth & Nail Records will be a great experience to help grow our fan base and share our music with new fans.”

New Empire is Jeremy Fowler (Lead Vocals, Guitars, Piano), Nathan Cairns (Bass, Vocals), Kyle Lane (Lead Guitar) and Kale Kneale (Drums, Vocals). Before New Empire was born, Jeremy and Kale played together in High School as well as a Hard Rock band. They grew up with musical influences such as the Beach Boys, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Toto The Beatles, as well as newer artists like Coldplay, Phoenix, Bon iver and Jonsi.

New Empire aims to create songs and tell stories that are honest and add a sense of encouragement and hope to listeners. They want their music to become a soundtrack to people that makes a difference in their everyday journey.

The band will release their Tooth & Nail debut later this spring – release date TBA.

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