Travis Ryan ‘Fearless’ Review

Travis Ryan Fearless

‘Fearless’ started off with a bang… A solid song with pounding drums, big, thick guitars which immediately got me in the mood to “rock out” to the energetic praise anthem ‘Love That Has Won’.

‘Battle Song’ caught my attention with the placement of harmonies and also how the drums gave the song a real sense of rhythm, emphasising the title and supporting the lyrics “Our hearts are beating like drums, beating like drums…” The song also reminded me that the joyful sound of our hearts are “…Our war cry…”

‘The Wrestling’ is the song I anticipate every time I listen to the album. I love the rhythmic phrasing which is different and the gritty texture to Travis’ voice that literally gives me goosebumps… “Our flesh and bones so weak and frail yet you oh god will never fail, Will cover me in grace of unrelenting love, you wont let go, you won’t let go of us.”

‘Jesus My Victory’ took me to a solemn place of contemplation really thinking about Jesus’ love for us that was so strong that He lay His life down for us, driving home the fact that my victory comes from Him. “All who die in you will rise again,”is a lyric that brings hope and a sense of security while “King of Kings forsaken for my sins, Lamb of God but yet the Lion wins” shows the majesty, humility and justice of Jesus.

‘Fearless’ is the title track and certainly doesn’t disappoint and is a massive anthem. After listening to this song I felt like chains of fear were lifted and I felt the courage of the King. This is one of those songs that triggered a fist pump and sense of boldness as i sang “Fearless, make us fearless, give us courage for you are with us. Fearless, make us fearless, come and mark us with your boldness, come and mark us with your boldness and make us fearless.” I love how the song starts with a strumming guitar and supporting pads and then on the chorus lifts just enough to support the lyrics and sound bold. The shout-like vocals (in parts), thunderous drums and thick guitars really instil a sense of fearlessness in you as you listen.

One of my favourite songs to sing on to album is ‘My Devotion,’ particularly the chorus… “I’m gonna sing forever, sing forever, wanna find you, gonna find you. Gonna dance forever, seek my treasure, gonna find you, gonna find you,” a beautiful melody and energy that consumes me with the feeling of joy.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album but it’s been an album that I’ve genuinely enjoyed. In fact Travis Ryan is probably my most tweeted songwriter (second only to Fred Hammond). He has has a way of making lyrics come alive… Painting pictures, allowing for vivid, movie-like images to play in my mind. The production of the album is fantastic! From the way the music almost effortlessly reflects every lyric and nuance in Travis’ voice and how he adapts his voice to each song to bring out the true emotion of the song wether that be breathy and gentle, sweet and melodious or edgy for the more energetic songs.

‘Fearless’ is a GREAT album and from the writing and production to the songwriting it doesn’t disappoint. After listening to it countless times I can say that every times listen I get the sense of fearlessness all over again.

Track Listing:

  • Love That Has Won 
  • Battle Song 
  • Jesus Precious Jesus 
  • The Wrestling 
  • Most High 
  • Jesus My Victory 
  • Awaken Us 
  • Fearless 
  • My Devotion 
  • You Are With Me Still 
  • Chase 
Reviewed By Matt Brooks


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