UK Worship Leaders Unite & Form The Collective & Release FREE EP

UK Worship Leaders Unite & Form The Collective & Release FREE EP

Some of the UK’s most prominent and cutting edge worship leaders and songwriters have to come together under the name The Collective to release a special project titled ‘Collective Voices Volume I,’ which is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

‘Collective Voices Volume I’ is a compilation of new UK grassroots worship music from a selection of up and coming songwriters. Born from a shared vision to pour into worship into the United Kingdom, The Collective has formed to offer a platform for the expression of creative worship across the country, to raise up future generations of passionate, nation changing worshippers. Through retreats, conferences, collaborations and sharing experiences, The Collective draws together creatives to build relationship and form connections in order to equip and inspire one another and ultimately, create, drawing on each person’s unique journey of faith.

Featuring Ian Yates (Elim Worship), The Bright Extension, Lucy Grimble, Anchor Music, Kanyons, Andy Smith, Matt Hill, Ryan Baker-Barnes and Jonny Shepherd, The Collective are an expression of united diversity and as they continue to come together the future for UK worship music will benefit from this display of unity that isn’t denominational or tied to one particular label.

This debut release demonstrates the strength of The Collective community, with offerings from worship leaders from across the UK. For some, this is their debut release, whereas others have been releasing music in their own right for many years, but The Collective has brought them together for the first time on this 10 track digital EP release.

‘God is a relational community – Church is a relational community – Songwriters, Musicians and Singers can be a relational community – and The Collective is designed to facilitate that. No need to feel misunderstood and alone anymore!” – Gerald Coates; founder of Pioneer (Speaker, author and broadcaster).

“I love the heart and vision behind ‘The Collective’ and I’m excited to see it encourage worship and passion for God in the local church.” – Luke Helebronth (Worship Central)

Track List:

  • ‘Christ In Me’ – Ian Yates
  • ‘Millions Words’ – Matt Hill
  • ‘Gravity’ – The Bright Expression
  • ‘Cry Holy’ – Ryan Baker-Barnes
  • ‘Hope of Glory’ – Anchor Music
  • ‘At The Foot Of The Cross’ - Jonny Shepherd
  • ‘Rocks’ – Lucy Grimble
  • ‘Abba’ (Live) – Anchor Music
  • ‘Tightrope’ – Kanyons
  • ‘Jacobs’ – Andy Smith


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