Upcoming Singer/Songwriter Dymond Releases Debut Single ‘Heart Divided’

Upcoming Singer Songwriter Dymond Releases Debut Single Heart Divided

19-year-old artist Dymond released her latest single ‘Heart Divided’ on 7th March 2013. The young chanteuse is serenading her way onto the music scene causing a stir with her deep, resonant and buttery-soft vocals.

My music is pure, raw, bare-backed emotion; the lyrics are born of emotion & so is the performance & style. It’s incredibly important to me that when a song is performed, the people listening feel the same emotion you do, if that’s not the case, then you’ve failed… I hate failing.”

Describing her style of music as “Incredibly versatile; just as easily as my mood changes, my sound changes, but fundamentally, I am very Soul/R&B,” Dymond names Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown and Brandy as her musical influences, labelling Chris Brown as the most prominent.

Dymond describes ‘Heart Divided,’ as a song about being faced with the dilemma of having to choose between things that you love. For the singer, it is the choice between her performing arts and academic career. As a performer and a Psychology Undergraduate, the singer anticipates conflict ahead and took to the studio to express it.

“I love music & performing, but I also love studying Psychology. It’s not a case of being indecisive, it’s a genuine, heartfelt attachment for two passions, neither one is the ‘pastime,’ or the ‘side endeavour.’ As it is, I probably love performing more, but I can’t bring myself to turn my back on my degree. That’s what this song is all about.”

Dymond is currently working on a series of “mini- releases” which will include her spin on some of the world’s favourite songs.

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