V. George Smith ‘My Whole Life’ Review

V George Smith My Whole Life

V. George Smith is a song-writer who is a part of Chip Off The Block Production Company, which is led by Gospel veteran Doobie Powell.

In February this year V. George Smith released the album ‘My Whole Life’. The interesting thing about this album is that he is not a singer, but a songwriter and so he has called on talented vocalists to lend their voices on this project.

‘My Whole Life’ got started with a deep pocket and groove with ‘Let Everything,’ which features Billy Powell, SSP & Norman Thomas, a Soul-infused song that had me nodding my head from beginning to end and singing “Let everything that have breath praise the Lord.”

‘My Whole Life,’ the title track immediately gave me a sense of joy. From the chord progressions to the melody, as soon as it started, it lifted my spirit. Although this is a contemporary melodic RnB song, the style did not take away form the worshipful intent of the song. Every time I joined in with Claude Duece on the chorus singing “Words can’t even express how amazing You are, You leave me speechless… Every day and every night, You’ve been there for me, through my whole life,” it left me in deep thought thinking about how amazing God is and wanting to worship Him because of that.

My ears perked up at the sound of ‘The Best,’ which features Melissa McHugh. The way this song started got my attention straight away. As a drummer the intro fill and tight sound of the drums and live musical arrangement definitely wetted my appetite for more. The song didn’t disappoint. With smooth musicality, and a warm, rich vocal tone in a song that continues on theme of God’s awesomeness and the fact that “… My God is the best.”

‘I Love You’ features one of my favourite artists, Doobie Powell and Karyn Porter. Their vocal tones compliment each other in what is a soul-stirring, harmonious offering and a song that speaks of our love for God whilst reminding us that “…Those that really love Him, keep His commandments.”

Denise Powell shines on ‘U R’.  Her luscious, spirited voice is rests on top of the laid back, soulful music perfectly in what sounds like that good old Soul/R&B from the late 90’s.

‘My Whole Life’ is an easy listening album comprised of soulful songs that encouraged and uplifted me, also leading me into personal times of worship. For the most part the album is mellow featuring no out and out upbeat songs but it oozes soul and musicality and a vast array of talented vocals.

If you’re like me and you love some late 90’s Soul and R&B then this could be a great addition to your music collection. I was impressed by the production on the album although I would have liked to have heard a little more diversity and something a little more experimental. ‘My Whole Life’ never came close to flat-lining but it didn’t reach it’s peak but it did give me a solid, coherent project that i enjoyed and i’m sure anyone with similar musical tastes to me would too.

Track Listing:

  • Let Everything (feat. Billy Powell, SSP & Norman Thomas)
  • My Whole Life (feat. Claude Deuce)
  • The Only One (feat. Linny Smith Jr.)
  • The Best (feat. Melissa McHugh)
  • My Issue (feat. Felesia Hyatt & Pastor Chris Edwards)
  • You Planted (feat. C. Williams)
  • I Love You (feat. Doobie Powell & Karyn Porter)
  • Heaven (feat. Karrah Miller)
  • U R (feat. Denise Powell)
  • All Of Me (feat. Nicqueva & C. Williams)
  • I Am God (feat. Nicqueva)
  • You Planted (Remix) (feat. C. Williams)


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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