‘V9 Collective’ Review

V9 Collective Album Review

When I first got given the V9 Collective album I had heard a little bit about them but had never heard their music… January 2013 will make it nearly 2 years since Sam Lynch (producer and bassist) saw me at a concert in London (UK), introduced himself to me and gave me a copy of ‘V9 Collective’ the self titled album from the Soulful/R&B group which is also comprised of Vernetta Lynch, Ruth Waldron, Semele Meade and Tula Lynch.

As per usual I did my customary skip through (listening to a few seconds of each song) and nothing stood out or caught my attention. Thinking I may have been harsh I had another listen where I listened to the project in full and still wasn’t overly impressed by what I heard…

Fast-forward a few months… I was working on something and was searching through exclusive UK Christian music and decided to give ‘V9 Collective’ another listen… For some reason, this time I heard the album with completely fresh ears and fell in the love with the album and nearly 2 years on from my first listen ‘V9 Collective’ is still one of my favourite albums.

The album kicks off with ‘The Gift Of Music’ featuring WariYah which is a smooth, grooving song which hears V9 Collective talk about music being a gift and the power of music as expressed both rough the lyrical prowess of WariYah.

‘World To Me’ is MY song on the album… The sweet guitar licks and the bounce and pocket of the bass which holds the whole song together (while bringing splashes of flavour that literally had my musical taste buds dancing) to the smooth Rhodes and intricate accents created by the organ and of course the beautiful blend of the singers as they sang the chorus, “World To Me… Everything… Lord You know You mean the world to me… Lord You know Yu know Yu are my everything, You are, You are, You are…” ‘World To Me’ made for a feel good, groovy song that will bring nothing but sheer delight to Soulful/RnB music lovers and appreciators of great vocals.

‘Emotions’ speaks to us in an area of our lives that dominates our thoughts and often dictates our lifestyles… What we feel… This song sums up how so many of us can feel when we’re overtaken by emotions and echoes the thoughts that bounce around in our minds as we think that it’s  “So nice to know that you are loved not for what you have but for who you are…”

‘Don’t Judge This Book’ has a groove that is so tight with a swing that will have you nodding your head, stomping your foot and moving to the beat… This one goes out to the ladies with an uplifting message (told like a story) of positive self image and receiving proper treatment from men because as the songs says women are “More precious than gold.”

‘Lord In Prayer’ continues on with another solid groove taking on a minimalistic approach to the music that popped and had a great feel… The pocket (excuse the terminology, musicians will know exactly what I mean) in this song is DEEP and the times when the bass elaborates and uses harmonics had me pulling “ugly faces” and screaming out of sheer musical delight.

It was great to hear Clinton Jordan feature on ‘God Is Love’ adding his rich, silky smooth vocals and creamy falsetto tones on the simple song that says “…God is love. If you don’t know God then you don’t know love…”

The album also features 3 gripping remixes of the song ‘World To Me,’ my personal favourite being the ‘You Rock Mix’ because of the blend of colours and texture of gritty guitars and thumping drums on the choruses in contrast to the bright, summery melodic grooves of the verse where the drummer gives a master class in pocket, groove and placement with his tasty approach to the song.

After not liking ‘V9 Collective’ that much after my first few listens I must say, it’s now one of my favourite Soulful/R&B projects and has the ability to completely change my mood and uplift and encourage me on any day of the week.

From the breath-taking musicality (from Sam) to the clean, crisp, soothing delivery of the vocals and the harmonic blend from Vernetta, Ruth, Semele and Tula, ‘V9 Collective’ is enjoyable from start to end. The themes on the album are uplifting and are every day songs that could easily be the sound track to your happy days, emotional days, days when you just want God to know how much He means to you and even the issue of judgment and perceptions.

If you’re into Soulful/R&B music then you’ll be in paradise with this album

Track List:

  • Gift Of Music feat. WariYah
  • World To Me
  • Good Life
  • Mind Games
  • Emotions
  • Teach Me
  • Don’t Judge This Book
  • Lord In Prayer
  • God Is Love feat. Clinton Jordan
  • World To Me (TGI Friday Mix)
  • World To Me (You Rock Mix)
  • World To Me (World Peace Mix)


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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