Vertical Church Band Release New EP ‘Vertical’

Vertical Church Band Release New EP Vertical

Formed from within one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America, Harvest Bible Chapel, VCB (Vertical Church Band) comprises worship leaders Andi Rozier, Meredith Andrews, Lindsay McCaul, Jacob Sooter, Seth McConkey, Kyle Fredricks and Heather Headley.

VCB released a new EP ‘Vertical’ on 3rd May 2013 a part of a new initiative “Vertical Church Band Insiders” where people are able to experience music from the VCB team that they wouldn’t otherwise get to hear.

“Our band has written more than 100 songs this past year,” reads a statement on the VCB website. “As worship leaders, we have a high commitment to vertical, congregational songs. Many of our new songs will be featured on our live records and make their way into worship services. Most of them, however (even some of our best), do not fit this mission — so we’ve created a special way to share this great content with you. A series of EPs is being released featuring some of our own VCB worship leaders and the songs they’ve written.”

Find out how you can be a VCB “Insider” HERE!!!

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