Victizzle ‘MisFit’ Review

Victizzle MisFit EP

‘MisFit’ is the long awaited follow up to Victizzle’s ground-breaking album ‘In My World‘. For me Victizzle is a great artist but where he really shines is in the producers chair, so I was excited to hear the textures, colours and tones that he would come with.

‘MisFit’ features 7 tracks and will be released 5th March 2012.

The EP gets started with ‘On My Level’ featuring 2 of Victizzle’s favourite people to collaborate with, Lola Godheld and Utter Once on industrial/mechanical sounding rhythms and synthesisers. At first listen this sounded like a boasting track with Lola’s hook saying “You ain’t on my level” but on closer listening I learned that, that wasn’t the case and that Victizzle is talking about his passions and desires and not letting anyone stop him from making them a reality.

‘Victizzle On The Beat’ features similar sonic characteristics to ‘On My Level’ taking a mechanical/industrial sound but adding what feels like an electric current through the music with video game like sounds that provide the melody. The wordplay on this song is phenomenal too. If you listen to the lyrics carefully you’ll take home a great message from this song.

‘Freestyle Me Style’ see’s Victizzle hit us with some nice harmonies on the hook which wasn’t expected… Although we have heard him take on a similar role on the hit song ‘iSing’ and this continues on ‘Take Her Away,’ a song about relationship ups and downs that many have experienced and will find humour in Victizzle’s use of metaphors and rhymes.

Paigey Cakey and Franklyn show up and deliver on ‘Go Hard Or Go Yard’. Paigey adds a bright, bubbly characteristic which is a contrast to the dark, eerie sound of this track. Franklyn delivers with his unmistakable flow and well thought-out lyrics, so clean cut and smooth really showcasing his talent.

‘MisFit’ ends with ‘Take You To The Future’ which was a big hit in 2011 inspiring people to look to the future and embrace it… Any Dubstep fans out there will take a liking to this one too… The outro is CRAZY!!!

Victizzle has done a great job with ‘MisFit’. It’s VERY forward thinking and I genuinely believe Victizzle is ahead of his time and because of that I think people may not fully grasp what he has captured straight away… If you’re a hardcore Hip Hop lover that loves deep, poetic lyrics or someone who loves strong melodies and more traditional musical compositions it may not be your cup of tea… ‘MisFit’ does capture the UK Urban Electro sound in an amazing way though and if you’re looking for some fun, progressive and exciting UK music that will definitely get your head nodding ‘MisFit’ will be right at home in your music collection.

Track List:

  • On My Level
  • Victizzle On The Beat
  • Free Style Me Style
  • Take Her Away
  • Rumours
  • Go Yard Or Go Hard
  • Take You To The Future


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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