Vote For ‘ScrapBook’ By Guvna B To Win ‘Mix-Tape Of The Year’ At The Official Mix-Tape Awards

Guvna B 2

Earlier this week, Guvna B let us know that he has been nominated to win ‘Mix-Tape Of The Year’ for his 2011 release, ‘ScrapBook’ which was a massive, global hit gaining radio play around the world and seeing in excess of 30’000 downloads.

‘ScrapBook’ is up against big names in the mainstream music industry such as Tinie Tempah, Giggs, Chipmunk, Wiley, Lady Leshurr, Ashley Walters (Asher D from So Solid Crew) and more and see’s Guvna B as the only representative from the UK Gospel scene in the running to take home the award. So; if you have downloaded ‘ScrapBook’ and love it even half as much as we do then be sure to vote and help Guvna B take home this award.

To vote for Guvna B to win ‘Mix-Tape Of The Year’ click HERE!!!

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