Vulnerable | Honest | Ethereal | The Soul-Stirring Music Of Speak, Brother

Vulnerable  Honest Ethereal The Soul Stirring Music Of Speak Brother

With comparisons to Mumford & Sons and Athlete, it could be hard for Rugby based trio Speak, Brother to carve out their own identity and be recognized for their own creativity and form of expression.

James Herring, Matthew Cotterill and Nathan Morris showcase “acoustic-driven, harmony rich anthems” that draw you in, captivating and mesmerizing the senses of the listener with a magnetic force that immerses you into the soul of their music.

Listening to Speak, Brother is a personal experience… Their music opens the door, while the melodies give warmth like an open fire and the lyrics tell Speak, Brother’s stories and the listeners too.

From Coffee Shops to huge music festivals, Speak, Brother are dismissing the pretense and sharing real stories of hope and pain to the tune of Neo-Folk

For a taste of what to expect from Speak, Brother download their FREE single ‘Dry Bones,’ (plus 2 live tracks) which was released in March of this year. You’ll find, raspy, raucous vocals which are paradoxically smooth and mellow and a passion that stirs the soul and meaningful lyrics… “Drown me in your love… For myself to die…”

Speak, Brother were informally known as The James Herring Band until the?end of 2013. Now, as Speak, Brother they are taking a joint musical ?leap forward together as the new faces in Neo-Folk.


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