William McDowell To Release New Album ‘Arise’ 8/11/11

William McDowell

William McDowell, well known for bringing us one of the most powerful songs in recent times, ‘I Give Myself Away,’ has returned with an all new two-CD set, ‘Arise,’ in stores on 8/11/11. This prolific collection was recorded live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL at Christian Life Center and includes 23 compelling songs of worship, praise, authority, inspiration and revelation.

Judging by the seamless, no-holds-barred worship of ‘Arise,’ McDowell had a keen pulse on his vision for the project. A music minister at heart, he exhibits no-nonsense attitude about praise and worship music, sidestepping the typical conventions of album recording, from rehearsals and song selection. McDowell, worked with friends and collaborators on ‘Arise’ – among them, fellow worship leaders Martha Munizzi, Mary Alessi, and David and Nicole Binion, all of them veterans in leading the saints in song.

Prior to the live recording for ‘Arise,’ McDowell and his team made sure to spend a time of solace before the Lord – in fasting, prayer, community, and worship. By the time the worshippers hit the stage and without a big introduction or opening acts, it was clear their only intent was to create an atmosphere for the Lord to be pleased.

The results are awe-inspiring. From the triumphant strains of the opening title track to the last lingering note of the closer, ‘I Won’t Go Back,’ ‘Arise’ is one of the most fluid and Spirit-led displays of congregational worship in recent memory.

The first single ‘I Won’t Go Back’ has started to make waves at radio – a powerful song of purpose inspired by, of all people, Obed-Edom, an obscure Bible character whose blessing from God was instrumental in revealing to King David the importance of pure and undefiled worship.

Other highlights of ‘Arise’ include the anthemic title track, a call-to-arms for the Body of Christ; the unifying ‘You Are God Alone,’ ‘Song Of Intercession,’ with lyrics that remind worshippers that God is already working on our behalf; the gorgeous ‘Place Of Worship,’ a building ballad that expresses the freedom found in God’s presence; and ‘Overcomer’ and ‘Standing,’ each a duet with twin sisters Martha Munizzi and Mary Alessi, respectively. McDowell also revisits his hit ‘I Give Myself Away,’ with an all-new live version that proved extraordinarily moving when the whole audience joined in.

“I’m praying for one thing specifically,” McDowell says as he looks back on the two-disc compilation, “and that is that the Lord will accept this worship.”

Independent of past, present and future accomplishments, ‘Arise’ leaves no doubt that McDowell remains committed to the calling on his life to lead others to God’s throne.

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