Worship Central ‘Let It Be Known’ Review

Worship Central Let It be Known Album Review

Worship Central have been hard at work over the last few years, not only writing songs and releasing music but developing the next generation of Worship Leaders and sowing into the lives the next generation.

Even though Worship Central have been successful in what they do, I’ve never quite seen them as a band or a package but rather a group of people who love God and live a life of Worship to God and because of that there’s always been a purity and genuine feeling about their endeavours always aiming for Spirit-led worship and not performance driven entertainment.

The Worship Central team have just released their latest album ‘Let It Be Known’ which has impacted the UK iTunes mainstream chart reaching no. 15.

‘Ready For You’ kicks the album off immediately setting the tone singing “Here we are, standing on the edge of something new… Lead us on further than we’ve ever been before…” This song is an invitation and positions us to say that we’re ‘Ready For You’ to God. The atmospheric sounds and melodic guitar lines helped create anticipation, not of a big crescendo but for God to unleash His glory as the Worship Central team sang ‘Ready For You’.

There’s quite a few songs that stand out on this album but the title track and lead single ‘Let It Be Known’ is my favourite… Electro-fused Pop blended with Rock with an underlying Urban edge in the form of driving beats, bright synths and smooth vocal melodies that would leave this song right at home on mainstream radio declaring the bold, confident and unashamed message… “Let it be known, our God saves, our God reigns, we lift You up, up, let it be known that love has come, love has won, we lift You up, up, up woah…”

‘The Cross Stands’ speaks about the power of what Jesus did on the Cross and what it represents which is something we often overlook as Christians. “…The Cross stands above it all, burning bright in this life, the Cross towers over it all… One hope, one deliverer, Saviour reigning high above it all…” There’s a sense of realization/awakening while singing this song that “Christ has overcome” everything we struggle with and that “It is finished, it is done,” which inspires genuine worship to the one who reigns “high above it all.”

‘Kingdom Come’ speaks of God being strong to save. We hear the heart of the Worship Central team as they sing, “We believe for a day, when the prodigal heart, will run home to the One who has loved from the start, oh God arise…” As they sing “Only our God is strong to save” on the chorus I hear their desire to reach the lost and, humility knowing that only God can save, not great music and amazing stage shows and lighting but God Himself.

‘Guardian’ has a hymn-like feel to it… It’s very congregational and engaging. Deeply rooted in scripture, this song reminds us that God (for want of a better phrase) has our back and that He is out defender and our ‘Guardian’. “You go before me, You’re there beside me, and if I wonder, love will find me… Goodness and mercy, will always follow, You go before me, my Guardian.”

‘The Constant’ speaks of God being constant in our lives… I can hear this song sung in churches and in free worship as the refrain (in particular resonated with me with its anthem-like chord progressions and cadences and they sung, “You are God, God of all, we will sing forever…”

There’s an assertiveness that is on the brink of what I’d call, positive aggression or assertiveness that is rooted in a passion to see ‘Our Generation’ do incredible things in the world and “See a nation change.” Nothing sums up the passion better than the rap, which is so effective and describes the feelings of this current generation so well…

There’s a sense of confidence in this song and belief in what is being sung and there’s a stirring up of a fire that will burn to set the world on fire for Jesus.

This perfectly blends with ‘Set Me Free,’ which is an overflow of ‘Our Generation’ which says “We wanna be a generation that’s totally free, I wanna be free from all my little insecurities… Set me free from everything the world says I need, all the material things…” which is followed by a cry for revival.

“There is power in Your name, for the stone was rolled away… Mountains bow, down before, Jesus Christ our risen Lord…” These are the opening lyrics to ‘The Same Power’ which is a faith building song reminding us of what is said in John 14:12 and that we can do great things in the name of Jesus.

For me ‘Let It Be Known’ shows that Worship Central have come of age. I REALLY loved the ‘Spirit Break Out’ album and wasn’t sure if they would be able to top it… ‘Let It Be Known’ shows growth and focus; a focus on the Cross and on us being pro-active in changing our nations and our world with ‘The Same Power’ that raised Jesus from the grave. However another aspect of growth came in what I heard musically…

‘Let It Be Known’ is uniquely British but universal in appeal. After ‘Spirit Break Out’ it would have easy for Worship Central to get stuck in a rut and end up producing something that just sounds like other Worship releases but ‘Let It be Known’ has it’s own identity and a fresh sound. The introduction of Rap on a few of the songs is immense adds another dimension to the songs with the passion the comes from rapping which will surely resonate with the youth while being clear enough and having lyrics with enough depth to cause even those who aren’t big fans of Rap to pay attention.

‘Let It Be Known’ is progressive Worship in sound and content, pushing boundaries and bringing a fresh sound of worship, a renewed focus and a burning desire for revival, allowing us to be filled up by God and sent out to impact the world around us.

Track List:

  • Ready For You
  • God Most High
  • Let It Be Known
  • The Cross Stands
  • Dry Bones
  • Kingdom Come
  • Guardian
  • Draw Me Close
  • The Constant
  • Hallelujah
  • Our Generation
  • Set Me Free
  • The Same Power


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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