Worship Central’s Luke Hellebronth Releases Debut Album ‘Stand Up’

Worship Central's Luke Hellebronth Releases Debut Album Stand Up

Integrity Music Europe is pleased to announce the debut album ‘Stand Up’ from Luke Hellebronth, writer of ‘Spirit Break Out,’ co-leader of Worship Central and one of the latest in a long run of exceptionally gifted British worship songwriters. ‘Stand Up’ will be released on 3rd November 2013.

‘Stand Up’ unveils the full depth of Hellebronth’s talent as a writer and singer. The album’s opening three songs all inject urgency and optimism into the project, while ‘Miracle Of Grace’ manages to be both profoundly honest and compellingly inviting.

Produced by fellow Worship Central worship leader and songwriter Ben Cantelon, ‘Stand Up’ also features two live tracks, equally epic and potent as the seven studio songs. ‘Stand Up’s’ sound moves easily between being guitar and keyboard led, with melodies that keep the project fully congregational throughout.

Having first appeared as the title track of the 2011 live album from Worship Central, ‘Spirit Break Out’ has gone global in recent months. Kim Walker-Smith covered it on ‘Still Believe’ and it will soon feature in the Paramount film ‘Noah’. Here on ‘Stand Up’ the song gets a stronger, darker treatment, reminding us of the fine line between intercession and worship.

Coming from a musical family, with a classical training behind him, Hellebronth is now on staff at London’s Holy Trinity Brompton church, and continues to lead around the world with both Worship Central and Alpha.

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