Worshippers Unite | Kari Jobe Marries Cody Carnes | “A Taste Of Heaven”

Worshippers Unite Kari Jobe Marries Cody Carnes A Taste Of Heaven

Known by many, loved by ever more, Kari Jobe is one of Worship music’s leading writers and innovators and on 21st November 2014, Kari Jobe became Kari Carnes when she married Gateway Church worship leader Cody Carnes.

For more than 15 year Jobe has been using her gifts to lead people into the presence of God. When she began leading worship at age 13, she never imagined she would be nominated for a GRAMMY®, win a Dove Award or be praised by the New York Times. She only knew she had a heart for broken people and a deep desire to lead them to the cross.

“I’m married!!! Yesterday was more than a dream, more than a reality–it was a taste of Heaven,” shares Jobe.

Kari Jobe Cody Carnes Wedding

Jobe continues, “I’ve decided that God loves weddings. His presence was stronger than I’ve ever felt in my whole life. I’m so very thankful for those of you that were there with us–we experienced such a sweet time with you. Thank you for always celebrating and supporting what God is doing in my life–and now my husband Cody Carnes. What a day. #Carnes2014” 

Jobe released her third album ‘Majestic’ on 25th March 2014; a project that reveals a collection of simple, congregational-friendly tracks that she hopes will become new anthems for a generation hungry for God to move in a fresh way. “When I die, if I was known for one thing, I would want to be known for [helping people] fall more in love with Jesus,” Jobe asserts. “So I don’t care what song I sing, if the heart of it is that people fall more in love with Jesus and they understand the heart of God for them.”

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