Worth Dying For ‘Live Riot’ Review

Worth Dying For Live Riot

‘Live Riot’ is the third release from Worth Dying For recorded live at the Ammunition Conference in California. Known for their aggressive Rock sound, the band seem set on delivering a power-packed album of 17 songs (some that will be familiar to fans of previous albums and also some brand new songs too).

The album starts with 110% energy on the into tracks ‘Rebuild’ and ‘Arise’ which set the tone for the album which are both full on, in your face Rock with spoken word and full on praise. The same energy continues in ‘Never Look Back’ which will have you singing, “Never look back, never look back no…”

‘One Love’ can simply be described by these lyrics… “For you, I’m giving up my whole life, for you I’m letting my flesh die, cuz you see me through loves eyes, it’s only one love.” I LOVE this song! The fusion of Heavy Rock with Pop nuances  and powerful edifying lyrics that have more than a surface level meaning is a combination I’d like to see more of… Definitely a song for the air guitarists and drummers out there. This one gets me going every time.

‘Love Riot’ is placed perfectly to break up the heavy rock sounding songs with something Brighter with Electro-Pop undertones. I could easily hear a Dance remix of this song without too munching in it having to change.

‘Risen From The Grave’ is the first ballad style song on the album slowing everything down. I love the instrumental break after the first verse, which encouraged spontaneous worship for me. This song really has a Hymn-like feel to it which I love and makes for a great congregational song. “And I’ll dance with you till my knees go weak, and I’ll sing till I can’t sing anymore… And I’ll lift my hands till they fall asleep, just to show you Lord, you’re the one in adore…” are lyrics that stand out to me and further express the heart of the Worth Dying For band and this comes through in the relentless energetic worship on this album. Whether it’s “I give up everything to find you, my God and my King… This love song I sing, to find you… Now let your” on ‘Closer’. “Your name is higher, is higher, your name is high above all, your name is greater, is greater, your name is conquering all” on ‘Higher’ or “Let you rain fall, let you wind blow, let your Spirit come down, come down” on ‘Spirit Come Down’.

Writing this review was a hard task… Not for any bad reason. I just kept finding myself engrossed in the worship so much that I didn’t once skip a track. In fact I spent a lot of time replaying songs and worshipping along.. ‘Live Riot’ is one of the best worship albums I’ve heard in a while.

There’s something amazingly pure and genuine, original and fresh about this album. It’s not just another clone of a Hillsong/Chris Tomlin album. These guys have their own sound and by listening to the songs it’s easy to tell that it’s a sound that has been birthed out of worship and a relationship with God.

I also really love the lyrical content of this album. This is an album of songs of praise and worship that I envisage helping listeners engage in intense, energetic worship sessions like it did for me.

‘Live Riot’ may not be to everyone’s taste as its on the heavier side of Rock for the most part (which is one of the things I love) and is also VERY energetic so I really see it being more of a favourite with young people and those who are young at heart… Or of course the avid Heavy Rock fan. Even with that said, it offers 17 tracks of powerful, theologically sound songs that has made it my favourite worship album since ‘AFTERMATH’ by Hillsong UNITED and I’ve heard quite a few since then.

Track List:

  • Rebuild
  • Arise
  • Never Look Back
  • Freedom Is Rising
  • One Love
  • Love Riot
  • World Can’t Take It Away
  • Risen From The Grave
  • Closer
  • All I Want
  • Higher
  • Send Your Glory Down
  • Power Of Your Love
  • Spirit Of God
  • Light A Fire
  • Taking Back
  • Saviour


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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