Write-Way Music… Leading Us To ‘The Right Way’

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What do you call a group of 4 young men from the streets of London (UK) who have a global vision, intense passion and personify the word impetuosity? Well; we call them Write-Way Music. The Urban Gospel four-some are made up of Tunde ‘Tunday’ Balogun, Robert ‘Presha J’ Awuku, Leke Akinyemi and Dwayne ‘Rhema’ Edwards who each bring their own expression of worship with musical gifts ranging from rapping, MC’ing, singing and song writing.

Already established as artists in their own right, when Tunday, Presha J, Leke and Rhema came together something explosive happened. Many only expected Write-Way Music to become a powerful UK Gospel conglomerate, but already in their first year we’ve seen them release a FREE Mix-Tape titled ‘One Way’ which has received critical acclaim from peers and industry professionals alike. We also saw them release a video for their hit song ‘Alienated’ which is an amazing concept video and showed that the vision of these guys was unique and different and more than just making music… (Watch the ‘Alienated’ music video).

Amongst the excitement, curiosity and awe generated by the ‘Alienated’ music video Write-Way Music also announced that we would be seeing a ‘short film’ that also caused a lot of anticipation and buzz. They have also just finished a UK tour hosted by UK Gospel Media giants GL 360 which saw them do concerts in Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, London and Newport (Wales) where they officially launched the preview of their ‘short film’ (watch the preview below).

These young men represent a movement that long to impact a generation of young people: with their music and their lifestyles and communicating with them in a language they understand.

Whatever Write-Way Music do, they do with excellence and in a manner that brings glory to God. As the title of their Mix-Tape says there’s only ‘One Way’ to the father and that is through Jesus and Tunday, Presha J, Leke and Rhema are definitely set on leading people ‘The Write-Way’ (right way) which is Jesus, the Saviour of the world.

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