Written In Kings | UK Band Make Music Inspired By The Book Of Kings

Written In Kings | UK Band Make Music Inspired By The Book Of Kings

Written By Matt Brooks

Always on the look out for new music, I recently stumbled across the music of a 5-piece band named Written In Kings.

What originated as songwriting/performing duo, John Nicholas (Vocals, Guitar, Piano) and Sam Taylor (Vocals, Guitar, Banjo) became Written In Kings with Nick Taylor (Bass, Acoustic Bass, Cajon), Jonny Dykes (Electric Guitar, Vocals) and Nathan Beaton (Drums, Cajon, Vocals) joining the line-up.

Blending Rock, Country and Folk lavished with an acoustic shimmer, Written In Kings are creating quite a buzz with their colourful harmonies and intense and electrifying live performances.

Written In Kings are bold, unabashed and ruff around the edges like fireworks of creative expression and an eruption of thoughts, ideologies and life experiences.

“There was once a time where we would stand amongst you

A time where kings and voices reign through the smoke

Now the sin’s got deep within, burns inside you

Wicked vine has grown and started to choke.”


“I can’t remember the moments we treasured so long ago

So pick up your gun son and send all your demons down below.”


“So don’t forget yourself this time,

Fly this flag to this war cry

And remember we can’t die,

We will lift our voices

Make ‘em hide and make ‘em run

Till the songs are all but sung

And in the end when we are done

We will know,

We are one.”


“The whispering winds it calls you into the shadow

But your feet plant firm beneath the earth

A time of fire turning woman into widows

Is finally done, he’s come the imagery of grace.”

- ‘We Are One’

Written In Kings released their first demo EP ‘We Are One’ in 2012 and will be releasing new music soon and are currently working on a new single titled ‘War In Me’ while touring the UK extensively.

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