Zie’l ‘Pronounced ZY-EL’ Album Review

Zie'l Pronounced ZY EL Album Review

In 2012 Keyondra Lockett released a FREE Mix-Tape titled ‘Soul Couture’ and it was through this release that I among others got to know about the group Zie’l which Lockett is one third of along with Christina and Crystal Bell. Fast-forward 2 years and we have the release of ‘Pronounced ‘ZY-EL,’ Zie’l’s re-introduction to the Gospel music scene after a long hiatus.

‘Pronounced ZY-EL’ is a 10 track project with a run time of 44 minutes which is enough to keep one’s interest and give a flavour for what the trio have to offer while leaving the listener wanting more… Not force-feeding “album tracks”, interludes and songs that are out of character with the project into the listeners musical mouth.

The album opener ‘Beautiful’ is sweet, smooth and colourful, while it’s simple production allows the song to breathe and creates the perfect vibe to 2-step/sway to as the catchy chorus, “You’re beautiful… You’re beautiful to me…” work their way from the song to the lips of the listener.

‘Determined’ and ‘Beautiful’ show that these ladies know how to “get crunk” with trap-styled production and effected vocal production, while ‘Purify Me’ and ‘State Of Emergency’ shows that Zie’l know how to strip everything back and deliver some “good old sanctified church” Traditional Gospel. ‘Purify Me’ really lets the individual voices in the trio shine while they deliver a song that asks for God to “Cleanse me… Reshape me… Baptize me… Revive me” in a manner that can only be likened to The Clark Sisters.

‘Relentless’ comes as a refresher to the album stylistically and expresses Zie’l’s desire to chase after God in a ‘Relentless’ pursuit… “I’ll cross the water just to be with You, till I get to Your shore… And if the current seems to be rough… well I don’t mind cause I’m in love…” This along with the piano ballad ‘Take Me As I Am’ reveal the heart of Zie’l and connect you with their hearts for God, not just the melody and not just the beat… “Take me as I am, renew me… Take everything, inside of me, that’s not like You and wash me clean… Cover me…” 

There are lapses in production and one could only imagine what could be produced if Zie’l were working with a bigger budget but there are key songs on this project (which will probably be different for each listener) that still make it a strong contender even if the finishing sparkle and all-round production quality isn’t quite as good as can be. As a person who is new to Zie’l’s music one could see it as an introduction as the varying styles and song themes show different sides of Zie’l and as a whole the album flies by which will leave many wanting more.

‘Promounced ZY-EL’ is a multifaceted album that brings popular music styles (Traditional/Contemporary Gospel/RnB/Trap etc) and offers a project that is fun, uplifting and offers a strong selection of songs that could become new favourites and even leaves a powerful message to the Gospel music industry on ‘The Oil’“The industry’s changing again… We’re so coordinated with no consecration…” “Nobody’s singing under the anointing”… “Now praise & worship’s a trend…”

Track Listing:

  • Beautiful
  • Determined
  • The Oil
  • Purify Me
  • Relentless
  • State Of Emergency
  • Take Me As I Am
  • The Truth
  • Up Down
  • Yes He Will


Reviewed By Matt Brooks

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